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I am a tourism and cultural geographer with keen interests in outbound Chinese tourism, theme park development in Asia, dark tourism and carceral geographies of refugee camps in Europe and Asia. Based in Sun Yat-sen University's School of Tourism Management since 2019, I am currently seeking to develop studies in gastronomic and heritage tourism in China's Greater Bay Area.


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Outbound Chinese Tourism

The travels and experiences of Chinese tourists.


Theming and Theme Parks in Asia

The processes of theming in everyday life and the role of theme parks in our contemporary lives.


University of Waikato

Doctor of Philosophy (Tourism Management)

Dark tourism, Refugee Camps and Carceral Geographies

Issue of representation and control in spaces of difficult pasts and constrained freedoms.

Heritage, Labour and/in Cultural Tourism

Peoples who work in cultural and tourism tourism.

2002 - 2004

National University of Singapore

Masters of Social Science (Research, Geography)

1999 - 2002

National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Social Science (Hons, Geography)

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Web of Science

Researcher ID: K-6899-2016

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