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Thesis Supervision




​​PhD Supervision and Thesis Committee

  1. Thesis committee: Carlos Alberto Morales Ramirez (Since 2017) Spatial Knowledge and biogeographic pedagogy, Geography, National University of Singapore.

  2. Supervision: Martijn Felder, The Veenhuizen Prison Colony: Transformations of a (Post)carceral Landscape, Jan-August 2014 (transferred to Erasmus University of Rotterdam)

  3. Supervision: Emanuele Giordano, Policy Mobilities, Illumination and Lightscapes in European Cities, Visiting PhD, May 2013-May 2015.

Masters Supervision


  1. Alexander, L. M. (2018-Present) Urban Acupuncture: Creative Place-making in Indonesia, Geography, National University of Singapore.

  2. Jin Ge, Chinese Theme Parks and Hyperrealities in China, April – November 2014.

  3. Chalachew Tefera, Sustainable Livelihoods in Ethiopia, April-September 2014.

  4. Joost Gieling, Heritage tourism in Arnhem, The Netherlands, April-September 2014.

  5. Liisa M, Heritage Tourism in Finland, Jan-June 2014.

  6. Guillaume Resche, Power, Politics and the Governance of India’s Nature Areas, August-Dec 2013.

  7. Laura Gaiziza, Destination image and stakeholder perceptions of Kazakhstan, August-Dec 2013.

  8. Mavis Forson, Cape Coast Polytechnic, Cape Coast, Ghana, Jan-July 2013.

  9. Elina Ruska, Tourism development in Bandipur, Nepal, August-Dec 2012.

  10. Nikolay Nikolov, Cultural Tourism in Bulgaria, Feb-Aug 2012.

  11. Inge de Boer, Livelihoods and Tourism in Honda Bay, The Philippines, Feb-Aug 2012.

  12. Evangelia Konstantinidou, Travel practices and motivations of Chinese travellers in the Netherlands, Sept 2014 – April 2015.

  13. Elizabeth Dineen, Electronic Music Fest and Youth Tourism, August-April 2015.

  14. Snoyl, Ciranoush, Museums and Urban Tourism in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jan 2014 – May 2015.

Masters Internship (6 months) Supervision

Completed supervision


1. Huajie, Wang, Low-carbon tourism in China, April-August 2014.


2. Jan Metz, Green Hotel certification in the Netherlands, April-August 2014.


3. Carmen Galarza Zapata, Cultural tourism in Barcelona, April-August 2014.


4. Chalachew, Tefera, National Parks in Ethiopia, May-September 2014.


5. Resche, Guillaume, NGOs and community-based tourism India, November 2012-April 2013.


6. Nina van Gelder, Cultural tourism and storytelling in Ghana, November 2012-April 2013.


7. Mavis Forson, Tourism education in Ghana, August-Dec 2012.


8. Egle Mikucionyte, Cultural festivals in Lithuania, Sept 2014-Jan 2015.


9. Maud Hippmann, Cultural tourism in Barcelona, May 2014-Jan 2015.


10. Ieva Zamareitte, Cultural tourism in Barcelona, May 2014-Oct 2014


11. Zhang Rui, Cultural tourism in Jindezhen, China, April 2014 – Oct 2014


12. Demi Horrocks, Cultural tourism in Barcelona, Aug 2014 – Dec 2015.


Undergraduate Thesis



  1. Uma Devi D/O Muthamilan (May 2018 - Present) Healthcare and left behind parents in Singapore, NUS.

  2. Teo, Z. P. (May 2018 - Present) Sense of place and place-making by foreign domestic helpers on their rest days, NUS.

  3. Bairavee. (May 2018 - Present) Street performers and the negotiations of space in Singapore, NUS.

  4. Teo Rui Xing, Homelessness in Singapore, March 2017 – Jan 2018.

  5. Max Chan Weng Kin, Outdoor Photography and Landscapes, March 2016 – Jan 2017.

  6. Annabelle Lee, Eco discourses in Singapore Sports Events, March 2016 – Jan 2017.

  7. Julie Hammacher, Postcolonialism and Orientalism in India’s Rail Travels, March-July 2014.

  8. Sjors Joosten, Visitor experience at Heineken Experience, March-July 2014.

  9. Anna-Magdalena Simanowski, Visitors’ social construction of Lloyd Hotel, March-July 2013.

  10. Jasper Wentzel, Shopping tourism of Dutch Residents, March-July 2013.

  11. Eva Koopman, Cultural tourism in a Dutch Town, March-July 2013.

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